Where did you get that top?!

It was happening again. There I was, standing on Main Street in Southampton, NY just outside of the trendy 75 Main restaurant.  A stylish woman saw me from a few stores down the street and started making a beeline for me and was waving her arms.  I looked around thinking she must be waving to someone else, but as she got closer to me it was clear that she was trying to get my attention.  She came running up to me and in an enthusiastic half question/half statement blurted out, "Where did you get that top?!".  We started a conversation and within a minute she actually offered to buy my top right there on the street.  I obviously didn't oblige the overzealous shopper, but the wheels were definitely turning in the back of my head.  Why was this happening and how can I leverage this "thing" that everyone seemed to want?

When I say, it was happening again, I really mean that.  It's the same question I was getting from complete strangers almost everywhere I went, "Where did you get that top?".  Not once, twice or even ten times.  I kept getting asked the same question hundreds of times over the years.  And it wasn't the same top, but different patterns during different seasons.  And it didn't matter the location.  Whether I was traveling in NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, or just at my local grocery store or in line at Starbucks getting a latte.  The one thing in common was that they were all Poncho tops!  I had found a style of poncho top that I loved and would wear them with all kinds of outfits for all occasions.

Fashion has been my passion for as long as I can remember.  I have an eye for spotting styles and great patterns.  And I found that poncho tops just worked great.  Not rain ponchos, but stylish women's tops sometimes referred to as tunics, kaftans, or as I like to say, poncho tops.  They are stylish, easy to maintain, easy to pack, fit great, easy to accessorize, can be dressed up or down, and most importantly, comfortable!  The main problem I had was that most poncho tops I found had too tight of a neck line.  You see, the exposed shoulder is the secret of what makes a great poncho stylish and sexy.  So I started taking my ponchos to my local seamstress and having them altered.  And that's when the question, "Where did you get that top?" really started and it hasn't stopped since.  So for years I had been buying stylish ponchos and getting them altered.  My friends and family knew I had found the special ingredients: passion, style, fit, and a zest for life.  And they kept telling me I had to share this with rest of the world. 

After years of pushing, prodding, and even pleading by everyone around me, I decided to act on my passion.  So I searched a manufacturer, sourced some incredible fabrics, and developed my own signature poncho top design.  That's how ShopMimi was born.  I design poncho tops in 3 basic styles; spring/summer, fall/winter, and evenings out on the town.  And the best part is that they come in a single one size fits "most" and look incredible on most body shapes and sizes.  My ponchos aren't for everyone.  They are for those who appreciate style, quality, and who want to make a statement.  Because as soon as you put on a ShopMimi poncho, people will start asking you, "Where did you get that top?".  And your own new stories will begin.

Mimi XO


  • Loving my new poncho. I bought the black and I’ve been wearing it nonstop. Amazing fabric and love the perfect drape. Wishing there was a navy one too! I’ll keep checking back.

    Susan Claybour
  • would love to see beautiful ponchos been looking for a long time

    Rebecca Rodriguez
  • Great top! Color is vibrant and beautiful material. Packed in suitcase for overseas trip and didn’t have one wrinkle. Ordering another soon and one for my sister who vacationed with me. Thank you!

  • Just received my ponchos and they are gorgeous~Can’t wait to wear!!!

  • Received my new ponchos from ShopMimi. Arrived in a cutre box with a PERSONALIZED note from Mimi. Absolutely loved the fabrics, which were of great quality and the prints were just beautiful. Wore my Santorini poncho out to a function that night and received a TON of compliments. I felt beautiful…worth every penny. I have a birthday party to attend and going to wear my other one! Cannot wait. Thank you Mimi!!!

    Dani Scarfe