Selfie Guide - Celebrity Edition

Famous or unknown, rich or poor; we all can agree that selfies are a pain in the butt if you dont know what you are doing! I have put together a helpful selfie guide and used some of my favorite celebrities to outline some major do's and don'ts! Hopefully you will leave here with more confidence knowing you can take better selfies or at least knowing that some of the most beautiful celebrities have at one point or another gotten it wrong too. These 5 tips will help get you in selfie shape!
Tip #1 - Don't forget about your arms. 
Selfies are up close and personal so you must be conscious of your arms. Holding your cell with your arms stretched straight out in front of you will look super stiff, remember to allow a soft bend in the elbow. And most importantly, unless you are going for the ultimate shock factor, leave your armpit out of it! Sounds easy enough but even celebrities like Madonna post unflattering shots with awkward poses leaving us wondering whyyyy? Thank you Jourdan Dunn for knowing how to pose like a goddess. We know it is a selfie but the arm is not awkward or distracting in any way!
Tip #2 - Stay Calm
Breathe in deep, shake off the nerves and exhale the goofy. Seflie's are serious business! Avoid mouth open and wide crazy eyes poses like these two below which tend to be regretful and a last minute nervous twitch for the cam.
Instead, give a flirty pout or show some teeth for a relaxed and composed selfie. If you are stiff or nervous it-will-show. So relax, breathe and keep it classy!
Tip #3 No More Duck Lips
This was never the most flattering pose but thanks to celebrities like Paris Hilton who peaked in the 90's the duck lip kissy face went viral. We are much more seasoned these days and know that there is nothing flattering or alluring about pinched + squinched lips. Instead allow your mouth to relax and give a slight smirk to get those flirty and alluring vibes across. There is nothing natural about duck lips ladies!
Tip #4  No to Nostrils
It is safe to say that if you can see up your nostrils in a shot, it is a no go. There is nothing beautiful about looking up someone's nose so remember to keep the camera slightly above you and your chin down so that your jaw line and neck are elongated and highlighted opposed to your nostrils stealing the show.  
Tip #5 - Invest in a Selfie Ring Light. Basic Lighting = Basic Bae. 
Once you use a selfie ring light you will never remember what life was like before it. I use the Mindkoo selfie ring light and there are so many out there on Amazon that will do the trick. All I can say is the difference is unreal. If you wonder how to take a glowing selfie this is without a doubt the biggest tip I can give you. Invest in one of these selfie rings for less than $20 and your life will be so much easier. Warm bright lighting will hide your imperfections and leave your skin absolutely glowing! Best part is it fits right in your purse and clips on quickly so you wont skip a beat.
Now let's see what you've got! Send me one of your best selfies using the tips above!
Until next time,
Mimi XO